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      priyansha agarwal (Current employee)
      油管youtube用什么翻墙 My work is related to a trading tool in financial domain. It is a techno functional role.I work in a tool named murex as a datamart reporter.
      DISLIKES: The work culture isn't that good. Attitude of employees are grave with too much hierarchy followed.
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      Geetanjali Mukherjee (Current employee)
      LIKES: The campus, the team, the technology (J2EE)
      DISLIKES: I had to take up a Mainframe project, while it was not my core technology and I was not comfortable. Though it was a temporary arrangement for 1.5 years, I was not comfortable.
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      Amit Thakkar (Current employee)
      LIKES: Grest culture, not stressful as other banks, great crowd
      DISLIKES: Do not come to depts like Service Quality if you want to grow.or even least be happy ever
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      Mrinmay Chakraborty (Current employee)
      国内访问youtube免费加速 My job has given me experience to dealing with my retailers/customers and solve their problems.
      DISLIKES: When I goin to work, I should have to wear a reflecting jacket.
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      LIKES: Job Satisfaction
      DISLIKES: Some business partners shows too much attitude
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      Manila Singh (Current employee)
      LIKES: The Company gives you enough chances to learn and grow.
      油管youtube用什么翻墙 But the 24*7 shifts are a real pain.
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      Vatsal garg (Current employee)
      LIKES: Learning. Work was enjoyable.
      DISLIKES: Salary. Growth opportunity.
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      shrikant dorugade (Current employee)
      LIKES: Nice location and enjoyble
      DISLIKES: Nothing anything


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      Assistant Manager
      (4k salaries)
      ₹ 7.77L
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    • Bharti Airtel logo
      (1.5k salaries)
      ₹ 8.97L
      ₹ 5.3L ₹ 20L
    • Tata Consultancy Services logo
      (961 salaries)
      ₹ 4.3L
      ₹ 1.35L ₹ 13L
    • Infosys logo
      (591 salaries)
      ₹ 3.45L
      ₹ 1.5L ₹ 5.55L
    • Larsen and Toubro logo
      assistant construction manager
      (528 salaries)
      ₹ 9.92L
      ₹ 6.4L ₹ 16L
    • Vodafone logo
      (391 salaries)
      ₹ 2.58L
      ₹ 1.8L ₹ 5L
    • Capgemini logo
      (380 salaries)
      ₹ 3.58L
      ₹ 2.4L ₹ 18.39L
    • Hewlett-Packard logo
      Business Analyst
      (377 salaries)
      ₹ 8.05L
      ₹ 2.7L ₹ 23L
    • ICICI Bank logo
      Area Sales Manager
      (228 salaries)
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      ₹ 3.4L ₹ 40L


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      QUESTION 1: Tell me about yourself for 5 minutes
      QUESTION 2: What are the subjects you have command in?
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      QUESTION 1: High Strength Concrete with special reference to Fibre Reinforced Concrete- Small Technicalities such as the strength, ductility etc.
      QUESTION 2: Basic Details and how'd I be an asset to the company
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      Chirag Jain
      QUESTION 1: Have you done any technical Projects?
      QUESTION 2: if I give 5 lacs rupees and ask you to buy a car which parameters you will look as a mechanical engineers?
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      Hitesh Gupta
      QUESTION 1: About database and normalisation
      大陆怎么玩youtube About your self
    • 手机怎么上youtube
      Nikita Srivastava
      QUESTION 1: why did u drop a year in case u do
      QUESTION 2: tell me something about urself that is not in ur resume
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      QUESTION 1: Tell me something about yourself?
      QUESTION 2: why consulting
    • 大陆怎么玩youtube
      Piyush Raman
      QUESTION 1: Discussion on my project on Sockets API in Linux
      QUESTION 2: Discussion on my project on Parallel Programming using MPI
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      Vivek Murarka
      国内访问youtube tell us about yourself
      QUESTION 2: Which other companies have you appeared for ? What happened there ?
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      Neha Kalra
      QUESTION 1: Why MBA?
      QUESTION 2: Girls on the manufacturing floor”
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      Shashank Kumar
      QUESTION 1: Tell us about the new IT trends
      QUESTION 2: Tell us about your projects


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